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Wrapped Bitcoin Crypto Coin Hạng 19
110,975 WBTC

Wrapped Bitcoin
Wrapped Bitcoin
WBTC Coin Values WBTC

Wrapped Bitcoin values
$ 12,971.53 USD
0.99909752 BTC

BTC Price
0.99909752 BTC
1 H
0.04 %
24 H
-0.11 %
7 D
15.41 %
Wrapped Bitcoin Market Cap
1,439,513,731 USD
Wrapped Bitcoin 24h Vol
30,812,366 USD
Wrapped Bitcoin Available Supply
110,975 WBTC
Wrapped Bitcoin Max Supply
21,000,000 WBTC
Full Name
Wrapped Bitcoin
ETH Token
Available Supply
110,975 WBTC
Max Supply
21,000,000 WBTC

Wrapped Bitcoin Price Charts

High/Low Price Chart

Wrapped Bitcoin Price High/Low Price Chart

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC) is the first ERC20 token backed 1:1 with Bitcoin. WBTC standardizes Bitcoin to the ERC20 format, creating smart contracts for Bitcoin. This makes it easier to write smart contracts that integrate Bitcoin transfers. 

To receive WBTC, a user requests tokens from a merchant. The merchant then performs the required KYC / AML procedures and verifies the user’s identity. Once this is completed, the user and merchant execute their swap, with Bitcoin from the user transferring to the merchant, and WBTC from the merchant transferring to the user.