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Max Property Group Crypto Coin Hạng 1236
142,223,550 MPG

Max Property Group
Max Property Group
MPG Coin Values MPG

Max Property Group values
$ 0.0035 USD
0.00000030 BTC

BTC Price
0.00000030 BTC
1 H
-0.64 %
24 H
-0.42 %
7 D
-22.43 %
Max Property Group Market Cap
500,501 USD
Max Property Group 24h Vol
627 USD
Max Property Group Available Supply
142,223,550 MPG
Max Property Group Max Supply
784,888,850 MPG
Full Name
Max Property Group
Available Supply
142,223,550 MPG
Max Supply
784,888,850 MPG

Max Property Group is building a decentralized platform for everything to do with a property, from property financing (funds, bonds, loan notes, REIT’s, etc.) to property maintenance, but also property rentals and sales. Essentially Max Property Group aims to be the de-facto property portal in the world.

The platform is being developed by industry professionals as a tool to improve services to their existing and future clients, having identified weaknesses in their own market. By using Ardor's blockchain technology, they plan to modernize one of the most established yet antiquated industries in the world.

Max Property Group is an international platform (already in 15+ languages) on which regulatory documentation for property funding will be standardized and controlled tokenized assets are placed on the blockchain alongside property sales, rentals, and management. Users can register property transactions on the blockchain, leveraging the ledger’s characteristics of immutability and transparency that is much required in the real state market. It enables users to sell or buy a property without a middleman and for low fees.

How does the project plan to add value to the ecosystem:

  • The Max Property Group platform will be regulated, which ensures that the controlled tokenized assets will also be regulated.
  • Max Property Group will be an all-encompassing platform for property where you can literally rent, buy and sell a property, but also record all property management actions (repairs, etc.) and make investments in regulated property funds.
  • Max Property Group will add standardized legal documentation for property funds, so people interested in setting up property funds can do so in days, rather than months, and for a fraction of what it costs now.
  • Investors can look through standardized documents, thus saving them a tremendous amount of time and as Max Property Group will be providing an umbrella license, the funds will all abide by the appropriate regulations. The investors will also be able to invest from as little as €1.
  • Max Property Group is underwritten by a portfolio of property assets generating an income and ensuring the future development and maintenance of the platform.